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Pre-Move-In Inspection Services for Old/New Buildings


Pre-Move-In Inspection Services for Old/New Buildings

Whether it's after the completion of a new building or the purchase of a second-hand property, as a prospective homeowner, remember to conduct an inspection before moving in to ensure a worry-free living experience! But lack of relevant knowledge? Unsure about what to inspect or what constitutes a standard? DECOLAND's professional inspection team can help you detect any potential issues early, allowing for effective arrangements with the developer for any necessary repairs.

DECOLAND’s team, equipped with professional tools, conducts detailed inspections of areas and items of concern, documenting findings with photographs. Subsequently, you will receive a detailed professional building inspection report, which will assist you in staying informed and facilitate further arrangements.


Scope of Services

DECOLAND's team uses professional tools for inspections in various indoor areas, ensuring your home meets the highest standards:


Doors: Wooden doors, frames, and edging

  • Cracks, scratches, or splits

  • Smoothness and noise of opening/closing

  • Stains, surface smoothness, color correction needs

  • Lock condition

  • Alignment of the door with its frame and the gap between the door's bottom and the floor

  • Metal trim

  • Frame gaps and installation tightness


Walls and Ceilings

  • Cracks

  • Stains/smoothness

  • Evenness

  • Damp or water marks


Flooring and Skirting

  • Cracks, scratches, or splits

  • Stains, paint marks, adhesive residues

  • Uneven floors or height issues

  • Gaps of wooden flooring


Electrical Outlets, Light and Air Conditioning Switches

  • Gaps and installation tightness

  • Smoothness of switches/movement

  • Air conditioners: Leakage, cooling efficiency, noise


Window Sills and Aluminum Frames

  • Scratch marks

  • Stains, discoloration, color variance

  • Aluminum damage: dents, scratches

  • Smoothness and cleanliness

  • Tightness of handle installation

  • Rust or oxidation of metal parts


Bathroom Fixtures

  • Faucets and water system issues

  • Sinks: cracks, stains, leakage around the basin

  • Drainage speed/blockages

  • cratches or damage on cabinet doors, stains


Kitchen Equipment

  • Frame sealing issues

  • Loose/tilted door handles

  • Oxidation, scratches

  • Leakage around the sink

  • Worktop and cabinet issues


Balconies, Gardens, and Other Outdoor Spaces

  • Door frames and doors: cracks, scratches, smoothness

  • Drainage and plumbing issues

  • Exterior wall and floor tiles issues

Why choose DECOLAND?


New buildings

We provide detailed inspection records and photos to facilitate communication with developers, ensuring all issues are addressed before handover.

 Inspection fee per square foot*



Second-hand buildings

We inspect for leaks and electrical issues, preventing problems and ensuring smooth renovation and safe living.

 Inspection fee per square foot*


​*The inspection fee is based on usable area, with a minimum charge of HK$2000. Contact us for more details.

Terms and Conditions for Inspection Services:

  • Services are subject to terms and conditions.

  • New building inspection fees are HK$3.00 per square foot (based on usable area).

  • Second-hand building inspection fees are HK$4.00 per square foot (based on usable area).

  • The above fees for second-hand buildings apply to buildings up to 50 years old; older buildings will require a separate quote.

  • Inspection services carry a base fee of HKD $2000. If the calculated service cost is less than HKD $2000, the minimum charge of HKD $2000 will still apply.

  • Re-inspection fees are HKD $800.

  • In case of any dispute, DECOLAND reserves the final decision rights.

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