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Professional Design Services


Professional Design Services
Price: HK$30,000*

If client requires a more comprehensive design support service, designer can assist you throughout the process. Services included:

On-site Visits by Designer during Construction
  - The designer will make at least 6 on-site visits. These visits will align with the platform's 3 Quality Control (QC) services (including: plumbing and electrical, masonry, and final completion). A report will be provided within two working days after each QC to ensure construction meets requirements and is on schedule.

Construction Drawings
  - Depending on the progress of the construction, the designer will provide floor plans, plumbing and electrical layout, ceiling layout, 4 unit renderings, and furniture layout.

Communication during Construction
  - The designer will act as a source between clients and the construction team, reducing potential misunderstandings.

*If the usable area of the unit exceeds 600 square feet, a separate quotation will be needed.

Why choose DECOLAND?

DECOLAND understands that many household owners are worried about hidden charges and project delays when choosing renovation companies. All items and processes in our quotations are carefully and clearly planned, and no charges are hidden. Through DECOLAND , experienced renovators are matched to take charge of the project to ensure the quality and progress of the project. At the same time, our specialists will provide support and monitor from quotation to the start of the project to ensure the smooth progress of the entire process. All subsequent additions or deductions require the consent of both the homeowner and the renovator to ensure that everything meets expectations and avoid unnecessary disputes.

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