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Professional Moving and Storage Services


Professional Moving and Storage Services


Before and after renovations, many homeowners find themselves needing temporary storage for their belongings and furniture. For most, moving and storage become a significant project. DECOLAND collaborates with trusted partners to offer moving and short-term storage solutions, aiming to give you a comprehensive and improved experience.


Our partner services include:

DECOLAND Pricing Guarantee

Point-to-point professional logistics and relocation services.

DECOLAND Quotes Review

Tailored packaging solutions based on individual client needs (like cardboard boxes, plastic containers, wrapping sheets).

DECOLAND Quality Guarantee

Short-term storage services to safeguard your cherished items during the renovation period.

Customers requiring moving services can reach out to our DECOLAND renovation specialists anytime. We regularly offer various promotions and, with the support of our team, we ensure a seamless and error-free moving process.

Why choose DECOLAND?

DECOLAND's Transparent Renovation Services

DECOLAND understands the common concerns homeowners have when selecting a renovation company – hidden fees and project delays being the top worries. We pride ourselves on our transparency. In our quotes, every item and process is meticulously and clearly detailed, ensuring no hidden charges ever surprise our clients.

By leveraging the DECOLAND platform, we match you with experienced renovation professionals who take ownership of the quality and timeliness of the work they undertake. Furthermore, our dedicated renovation specialists provide support and oversight at every stage. From the initial quotation to the commencement of the project, our specialists stay involved to ensure a smooth execution of the entire renovation process.

Any additional or subtracted work items will only be executed upon mutual agreement between the homeowner and the renovator. This ensures everything aligns with your expectations and requirements, avoiding any unnecessary disputes. At DECOLAND, our primary goal is to ensure your satisfaction every step of the way.​

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