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Pre-filter Comparison and Recommendations: Different Types

When selecting a pre-water filter, understanding the characteristics and performance of different types is crucial. This article introduces several common types of filters available in the market: stacked plate, direct flushing, siphon, and backflush filters, to help you make an informed decision.

Stacked Plate Filters

Traditional stacked plate filters perform filtration through multiple layers of plates. Their simple design is an advantage, but they have notable drawbacks. Firstly, impurities may not be completely removed during cleaning, leading to uneven filtration precision. Secondly, the lack of a waste outlet can make maintenance and cleaning inconvenient.

Siphon Filters

Siphon filters, a type of external pressure filter, work by creating a negative pressure around the filter element when the flushing switch is opened. The built-in spreader effectively removes trapped dirt and debris from the filter screen. The downside is that if flushing is not thorough, the filter screen can become clogged, making maintenance challenging.

Direct Flushing Filters

Direct flushing filters use water pressure to trap impurities, which are then washed away by opening a flushing valve, clearing the impurities from the stainless-steel membrane. These filters are relatively easy to operate and maintain. However, their downside is that the filter element can easily get clogged, affecting the filtration effectiveness and possibly leading to secondary pollution.

Backflush Filters

The more recent backflush filters utilize a manual or automatic adjustment of the built-in multi-way valve to reverse the flow of water, flushing away trapped impurities. Their forward and reverse flushing design not only improves cleaning efficiency but also effectively prevents the risk of secondary pollution.

Considering various factors including ease of cleaning, filtration effectiveness, and maintenance methods, we recommend backflush filters. Before purchasing, it's advisable to have a professional technician assess the specific conditions of your residence to make the best choice.


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