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Types of Fans

On days when the temperature is in the twenties and it's a bit warm but not unbearably hot, consider using a fan instead of an air conditioner. With a plethora of fan types available today, there's sure to be one that complements your home's design.

1. Pedestal Fans/Floor Fans

With circular protective grills that are easy to disassemble and reassemble, these fans are convenient for cleaning both the blades and the grill. They offer a wide variety of functions, designs, and sizes to choose from.

2. Tower Fans

Featuring a vertical, column-like design, these fans are space-saving. They operate with low noise, although their airflow and coverage might be somewhat limited compared to others.

3. Bladeless Fans

Bladeless fans have a turbine mechanism at the base that draws in air and then releases it through a circular vent. They operate quietly, providing a steady, gentle airflow. Their bladeless design is particularly safe for pets and children.

4. Box Fans

Sharing a similar internal structure to traditional pedestal fans, box fans are budget-friendly and space-efficient. They operate with minimal noise but might have a weaker airflow.

5. Wall-mounted Fans/Ceiling Fans

These traditional fan styles are installed either on walls or ceilings, saving floor space and offering extensive airflow coverage. It's essential to consider the installation spot for wall-mounted fans to ensure they don't hinder daily activities.

6. Clip-on Fans

Compact and portable, these fans are summer essentials for many. Available in USB-powered, battery-operated styles, and more, their clips allow them to be easily attached to desks and other surfaces. However, they generally have a smaller airflow and coverage area.


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