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Ten Taboos for Lunar New Year Cleaning

The Lunar New Year is approaching, and it's time to prepare for the Year of the Tiger! While spring cleaning is a tradition during this time, not everyone is aware of the specific rules and taboos associated with it. Many new homeowners may not be familiar with these customs, and unknowingly violating them can affect the Feng Shui and fortune of the coming year. Here, we've compiled ten major taboos to ensure good luck and positive Feng Shui in the year ahead!

1. Avoid major indoor renovations during the New Year period. Try to refrain from activities like drilling walls or extensive construction work, as these can disrupt the auspicious flow of energy in your home. If renovations are necessary, complete them before the holiday or schedule them for after the New Year.

2. Avoid significant changes to the bedroom layout. The bedroom, especially the master bedroom, represents the wife's position in Feng Shui. Changing the layout of the bedroom during the New Year can bring inauspicious energy. However, adjustments to areas like the kitchen or bathroom are generally fine.

3. Do not replace the front door. The front door plays a crucial role in Feng Shui, as it governs the inflow of energy. Replacing the front door during the New Year, especially when it's influenced by negative stars, can lead to unfortunate events. It's best to clean the front door but avoid replacing it.

4. Avoid adding an extra entrance area or "ming tang." Some people get creative during their New Year cleaning and decide to add new features to their homes, like an extra entrance area. However, making such changes without proper Feng Shui considerations can lead to blockages and disruptions of energy flow.

5. When purchasing new furniture for the New Year, avoid shapes that resemble triangles, diamonds, or irregular shapes. Opt for square or round shapes for better Feng Shui.

6. Be cautious with your choice of Lunar New Year flowers. Avoid flowers with thorns, such as peach blossoms or plum blossoms. Instead, select flowers like camellias, peace lilies, or money plants to decorate your home.

7. Do not hang mirrors in the kitchen. In Feng Shui, it is believed that hanging mirrors in the kitchen, especially if they reflect the stove, can lead to fire hazards or other negative consequences. Keep mirrors out of the kitchen.

8. Keep your refrigerator and rice container from being empty during the New Year. A full refrigerator and rice container symbolize abundance and a worry-free life in terms of clothing and food.

9. Do not hang garlic, onions, or chili peppers in the kitchen. These items are believed to absorb negative energy. Additionally, avoid hanging knives or sharp objects on the kitchen wall to prevent accidents; store them safely in drawers.

10. When renovating the kitchen, avoid dark colors. If your kitchen has predominantly featured dark colors, consider a makeover with lighter shades such as white or ivory, as they promote positive energy flow.


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