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Floating Design: Expanding Visual Space in Small Areas

In modern home design, floating designs have become a popular trend, especially for small spaces. Not only do they create a visually expansive feeling, but they also bring a sense of lightness and ease, enhancing the spatial layering. Here are some common examples of floating designs:

Firstly, the floating console at the entrance is recommended to be suspended 15-20 cm off the ground. This not only allows space for everyday shoes but also provides enough room for a robotic vacuum cleaner. This practical and aesthetically pleasing design doesn't occupy too much space.

Next is the floating TV cabinet, which slightly elevates the bottom space, making the cabinet's surroundings transparent and effectively eliminating the feeling of segmentation. This not only gives the TV area a lighter feel but also makes the living room appear more spacious.

In duplex units, floating stairs are an excellent choice. Typically constructed with thin steel frames, this design not only saves space but also creates a greater sense of openness visually.

Lastly, when considering storage, floating storage cabinets offer an innovative solution. Instead of traditional wall-mounted cabinets, opting for a floating design at the bottom can provide effective storage space. It's recommended to use light colors for the overall design, which reduces visual heaviness and brightens the space.

In summary, floating designs cleverly utilize small spaces, enhancing both their beauty and practicality. If you're considering transforming your small space, this light and creative design approach is definitely worth a try!


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